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About Deviant Robert Andrew Marquardt R.A.MMale/United States Recent Activity
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rj5 by saturn-man619 rj5 :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 3 0 rj4 by saturn-man619 rj4 :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 1 0 rj3 by saturn-man619 rj3 :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 2 0 rj2 by saturn-man619 rj2 :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 2 0 rj1 by saturn-man619 rj1 :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 0 0 for my sisters by saturn-man619 for my sisters :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 2 2
A day in the life
The alarm buzed loudly at 6:15 am as a big gray paw hit the snooz button. Blackie just rolled over and groaned "five more mins..." she said to it. She though for a second then jumped up suddenly "I'M GONA BE LATE!" she said grabing her glasses and rushing out her room. After she took the long drive to work she walked inside the building and whent to the computer where a black tiger with green stirps "sup blackie?" he asked as she punched in. "oh nothing much tony." blackie said as she turned to head down stairs to the locker room. She grabed her red work shirt and darkblue pants and qucikly changed out of her usaly red cotten shirt and bluejean shorts. "YOU MIND TURNING ON THE COMPRESSER?" tony yelled form the upstairs area. "SHURE THING." blackie yelled back and fliped the swich closested to her locker as the compresser in the next room roared to life. she then quickly ran up stairs and brushed herself off. "Ok guys today is customer day we got half off all our services heres the line
:iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 1 5
lightning's grampa by saturn-man619 lightning's grampa :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 1 11 lexi lifted by saturn-man619 lexi lifted :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 2 15 lexi by saturn-man619 lexi :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 2 16
wild dogs u blackies class
Fang walked into the autos classroom and looked around. "Hmm... not bad all the tools are in order... nothing broke." he said in his head as he took a seat. the bell gave a ring and the class began. He felt out of place being the only human in the class looking around he saw anthros all kinds. "ok class time for hands on learning." the teacher a germanshepard called getting up handing out saftly glasses to the class. "hands on?" Fang asked looking a bit worried. "nothing hard just changing oil in a car" the teacher reasured him. Fang noded and follwed the class into the shop area of the classroom. "now we'll brake into teams Fang youll be on this car." he said pointing to a black car. "ok then..." fang said standing next to it. The teached hit the lift and the car rose up so fang could climb under. "Now lets get started... first thing is locate the oil filter and remove it." the teacher said watching his students. fang found it and started unscrewing it a bit of oil training form his h
:iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 1 5
Ansering service 2
Blackie sumbled out of her bed and scrached her head "oh geez how long have i been out?" she looked at the clock and it read dec. 20th 12:00. She jumped up "OH GEEZ I BEEN A SLEEP THIS LONG?!?!" she yelled then looked at her reflection and mumbled "i still can't beleve i got turned into a girl..." she walked down stairs and started making coffee. She then turned to her phone to check for voice mails.  "wow out so long and still only 5 messages." she siad lisoning to the first.
Gem: hey laddie up to much?
Blackie smiled "well i haven't realy i just was sleeping..." she thought to herself "Next call." she said out loud
Musaudi: Hey, just wanna let you know... I ATE YOUR WAFFLES
Blackie got up and checked the freezer then checked her closet "Note to self charge her a lot of money to replace waffles." The voice mail whent to the next message
Jaslo: Yo! Blackie! You owe me $20! WHERE'S MY MONEY BLACKIE?! Don't make me get Don after you again!
Blackie's jaw droped as she looked aro
:iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 2 25
Anser service 1
Fang opend the door to his house not being that for a long time now "geez... i need to realy clean up..." he looked to his messager recorder blinking with 6 messages. "ok... who called..." he said sitting down and pressing play
message1: yes this is Dusty. Last night I sent you an anthro Lizard costume. when you wear it you will become an anthro lizard. when you do send me what you think of it. :end:
Well... i'll have to find that package if its still here... *shrugs* next?
ok... note to self explain how the message recorder works to Ati. Next?
Message3: Hey that story part I had to do? Umm...I'm doing it...but I'm trying to be careful with fact...the details are still sketchy...but I want you to know that I care about you and Foxy! So...don't fret! School's gonna be over soon and I'll have more free time! Oh and just to let you know that I turned myself into a sexy anthro female fox and that you can let Foxy know that I'll be
:iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 1 3
The Wheels in the sky -Pome-
As the sun sets and closes another chaper of our lives... we sit back and wounder how much longere we will be here... as the wheels in the sky keep on turning we don't know where we will be tommorro but today we lived for the moment some hrs good and some hrs bad... we continue our lives woundering what big plan lays ahead for us and our fate will be decided with the dawn
:iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 3 11
Wild dogs u
Collage is a milestone not easily reached. Some students struggle while others pull ahead. Let me set the stage for you. Friends online decide to meet one day, one thing lead to another and soon they where all enrolled in a school they knew nothing about. So our story begins. Two Ford explorers pulled up out front of Wild dogs University one yellow and the other red. "Why do i have to always drive the yellow one Fang?" said a young Women with one brown eye one blue and jet black hair as she got out. "Cause It just screamed foxy when i bought it." her brother a young man with long blond hair and blue eyes got out of the red truck. "You know i hate yellow!" she yelled kicking the truck. "Ow hey..." a five foot ten boy with short black hair and red eyes by the name of Phoenix stumbled out of the truck. "Hey guys we're here" said another young man with black hair and silver eyes wearing a dark blue hoodie by the name of Neon. "Well its about time" said ice getting out of one of the trucks.
:iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 3 6
VOICE THINGY by saturn-man619
Mature content
VOICE THINGY :iconsaturn-man619:saturn-man619 0 24


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Robert Andrew Marquardt R.A.M
United States
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Current Residence: Campbellsport Wisconsin
deviantWEAR sizing preference: HUH?
Favourite genre of music: punk rock
Favourite photographer: Me myself and I
Favourite style of art: Furrys
MP3 player of choice: I HAVE NO MONEY FOR THEM
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon TF TG
Skin of choice: black fur with white marks
Favourite cartoon character: peg pete and gadget hackwrench
Personal Quote: yesterday is history but i still wish it didnt hapen
its fang i cant come to the phone right now please leave a message after the beep *beep*
  • Listening to: Look at this photograph
  • Reading: Nothing atm
  • Watching: No time for tvs
  • Playing: sold gta4 now playing forza 3 ultimat pack
  • Eating: PIZZA
  • Drinking: Watter is all i got



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